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Wednesday Update at 8:40 pm CT

Therapy, therapy, therapy!!!! They sure keep Heather, as well as me, busy around here! It has been another good day! Heather was able to ride two miles with the assistance of a bike machine. They strap her feet into the machine, set the speed, and all she does is set there while the machine moves her legs. They started her speed at 20 mph, but increased it to 40 mph. She rode two miles, and she said she was on her way to Chattanooga!!!

Today in speech, something was mentioned about a possum, and Heather, as she often does, broke out into singing, "Possum Pot Pie, Oh, Possum Pot Pie...", this is a Patch the Pirate Song. If a word is said that she associates with a song, or a slogan, she will often repeat the word using the song or the slogan, and it comes from "out of the blue", if you know what I mean. The therapists were completely took back and started laughing really hard. When they asked her where that song came from, she told them about Patch the Pirate, so they looked up the ministry of Patch the Pirate online. All of our children grew up singing songs from Patch the Pirate, better known as Ron Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton has an amazing story. He developed cancer in his eye, and the doctors had to remove his eye; because of this, he had to wear a Patch to cover his eye. The Lord gave him a ministry where he is known as Patch the Pirate. Mr. Hamilton took something bad and turned it into a wonderful ministry for the Lord. The Lord can use any of us, if we will just let Him.

Heather's nurse today is from India. She has been in our room several times to help out, but she hasn't been our nurse until today. She came in and we had KNVBC playing on the computer. She immediately asked what we were listening to, and it opened a door for conversation. The nurse is saved and attends a Baptist Church here in town. She said that she was excited to hear some familiar songs playing over the computer, and I was writing down the information for her and another nurse overheard us talking and wanted the information as well. I was able to tell our nurse from India about a Pastor's conference we had been watching on line where they honored all of the people from India who had gotten saved at a Church in California on Monday night, and the Pastor of the Church brought at least a hundred or more people from India of all different ages to the platform, and she began getting teared up. It was very moving to her because her countries' main religion is that of Hinduism.

Then later, the nurse practitioner, who is also a Christian, came in and asked if I was listening to preaching, which I was at the time, and we were able to talk about the Lord, and she too, was interested in the online radio as well. The Lord reminded me that others are watching us Christians everywhere we go. They also watch everything we do as well how we react; our language and mannerisms say more about us than we realize. They also are watching to see whether we seem happy or discontented; are we kind or grumpy. The world all around us is looking for something real. Let's show them Jesus!

"Neither is there salvation in any other, for there is none other name

under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." Acts 4:12

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