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Today, our family is praising the Lord because it has been exactly one year ago when our daughter, Heather, had brain surgery. This surgery was very invasive and rarely performed in adults. Her entire left side of her brain was removed to stop a disease which causes uncontrollable seizures. She faced many obstacles with this surgery, and has had a long road to recovery, however, you will be able to see by the video we have posted some of what God has done in her life.

Through Heather's illness, we have always known that our God has been in control of everything, whether good or bad. He is still in control today, and we praise him for all of his blessings, and being so good to our family.

Heather was only 12 days shy of being one year with no outward seizure; however, on January 12th, 2016, she had a little bump in the road. On this date, she had her first grand mal seizure since her surgery. Though it was very scary for us, Heather is not aware of the seizure and as of now, we don't plan to tell her about it. We don't want her to be afraid. Our prayer is that she never has another one, EVER. An eeg was recorded, and the remains of the left side of the brain that was left for blood supply is still firing seizure activity, but nothing is crossing to the right side. We were greatly alarmed at first, but the doctor reminded us that she has seized from the left side during these 22 years, but at times the seizures involved the right hemisphere as well. He told us that he had seen a situation with another patient similar to Heather and that person had a seizure, but it was the only one they had. He said , "Don't be discouraged that the surgery wasn't a success, because it was a success."

Today, we are celebrating with fours hours of therapy, and a donut party with the therapists!!!!! No matter what you may face in life, if you yield to the hand of the Potter, and submit to His plan and will for your life, you can face each day with a smile knowing, as our family does, that God has everything under control. Would you join us today in praise and thanks to the Lord for all that He has done for each of us. Our prayer is that Heather's story will encourage and give each of you hope for whatever trial you may face in this life. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!

"But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand." Isaiah 64:8



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