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Monday Update - 100 DAYS NO SEIZURES!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

Hello everyone!!!! No, Heather is not home, yet. She is still at Siskin with an extended discharge date of May 12th. We know everyone is anxious for her to get home, and we are as well, however, we have to be able to take care of her once she is home. Though she is doing great, she still has great needs and the extra time in the rehab center will for certain help strengthen her and make the transition more pleasant for her. We must apologize once again for the delay in updating...We have been making renovations on our home preparing for Heather's arrival. We have had to make a new entrance into the home through the garage with a ramp strong enough for a power chair, as well as add on a handicap bathroom, get rid of some furniture, make a durable ramp from the kitchen to the den, move her bed, etc. to a larger bedroom, and make an entrance way larger. Whew!!! and, we still have a lot of work to do!

It is still unbelievable to us that Heather has now reached 100 days without seizures!!! That was the goal for this surgery, and we have accomplished this goal!!!!! Though the stroke and the surgery left Heather with great physical and emotional needs, we know that she is going to get better. Before her surgery, the prognosis of her disease of Rasmussen's was that she would continue to decline, and she would never get better. Her Neurologist told her a couple of years ago that she would always have seizures, and had she not decided to have this surgery, she would continue having them! But, the best days of Heather's life are just ahead and we can't wait to experience those days with her!!!!

Since our last post, we were able to see the eye doctor to check Heather's perceptual vision last week. Everything in her vision is scrambled at the present, and the doctor ordered prescription glasses that include prisms in the lens. She explained that Heather's perceptional vision is impaired, and at times, she is seeing double, as well as blurred images. She should get her new glasses in the morning. The doctor believes that since her vision is so impaired, Heather is not seeing well and this is probably helping to contribute to the fear that she has when standing and trying to walk. She is having trouble calling the letters of the alphabet as well as numbers, though she knows what they are, she can't seem to call them out. This is all a part of the scramble.

Well, her custom made "Red/black" power chair has arrived, and she is learning how to drive it. She became very comfortable and learned to drive the one from the facility very well, but hers is much smaller, lower to the ground, and will turn on a dime. She has had a few close calls with it, but overall she is adapting well. We plan to get some stickers for the back of it that will give the address to the website!

Heather's right hand is clenching, which is an indicator that the tone in the muscle is tight. The doctor came in this morning to discuss giving her some injections in that hand to help relax the muscles. They have seen great success with this form of treatment and some patients get better mobility once they do these injections. We knew that one of the risks of the surgery involved the possibility of Heather losing her mobility in her right hand, but we know that the Lord can do anything! He has done so much for her already. Some didn't think she would gain mobility back in her leg, but it is coming back, and we once again Praise the Lord for all He has done and continues to do!

"I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth."

Psalm 34:1

Pastor Cape, celebrated his 17th year of Ministry at the great Hillside Baptist Church this past Sunday, May 3rd! We are so thankful the Lord sent us to Chattanooga, TN many years ago! What a joy it is to serve the Lord!


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