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      We have been happily married for 34 years and have been in the ministry all of our married lives!  While on our honeymoon,  the Lord used a near-drowning experience  to  change our lives forever.  For the first time in our lives, we both  fully surrendered our lives to do the Lord's Will.  


     One week to the day after our wedding, we both led our first souls to the Lord at a youth rally in our local Church.  It was eight months later that Bro. Cape would accept the call of God on his life and surrender to preach the Gospel.  Pastor Cape, has a BS Degree in Pastoral Theology.  His first pastorate was the Trinity Baptist Church in Rome, GA.  He has currently been pastoring the Hillside Baptist Church of Hixson, TN the past 22 years.  


     The Lord blessed our family with three daughters.  Our oldest daughter, Heather, has serious health problems that she has battled for almost 23 years.  God has taught us some amazing things through her illiness.  Please take take time to look around on our website and read about all the Lord has done in her life!


Steve & Wanda Cape

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"Miracle In The Making" CD

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"Why Complain" CD

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Encouraging Music by the Steve Cape Family!

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