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Please click on any one of these articles written by Pastor & Mrs. Steve Cape.

These articles are written with intention to help the hurting & encourage the weary.

Sufficiently Supplied with God's Grace

-written by Pastor Steve Cape


     I am not sure why, but I continue to be amazed at God's grace. I was saved almost 45 years ago and I completely understand His saving grace, not because of who I am or what I have done, but simply because of the goodness of God. But this matter of living grace has been taught to me over and over again, up close and personal through the life of our oldest daughter, Heather Sharee....

How Are Your Coping Skills?

-written by Mrs. Wanda Cape


     Let’s face it, some times our lives can become very  stressful.  Do you have ways that help you handle these stressful times? When it seems like everything is falling apart, realize that the very Saviour who gave you eternal life, has everything under control.  Here are a few ideas on how to cope during difficult situations...

Why is the Word of God so important?

-written by Mrs. Wanda Cape


... Why the Word of God is so important in our lives and the lives of our children...


When I was preparing this talk for a ladies’ Bible Conference, I asked two of  my daughters if they could remember what we did in our home when they were younger concerning the Word of God.  I want to share with you what they had to say... 

Are you ready for your eternal destiny?

     God's Grace is Sufficient to all those that Trust in Him!  If you have not Trusted Jesus as your Saviour, please read the following  and accept Him without delay!  He loves you and longs to give you His Grace to help you day by day!

2013 & 2014 Updates

Heather's Hip Replacement & 50 day hospital stay
     Our family began a journey on February, 2014 to see if the new treatments options that were now available to help control seizures would be able to assist our daughter, Heather. If you will look at the February 2014 update, it will explain the beginning of our investigation.   The first meeting we had in Nashville, TN was with Neuro-surgeon, Dr. Joseph Neimat, who told us at this visit that the only treatment to help Heather would be a hemispherectomy of the left side of her brain...
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