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By Wanda Cape


Let’s face it, some times our lives can become very  stressful.  Do you have ways that help you handle these stressful times? When it seems like everything is falling apart, realize that the very Saviour who gave you eternal life, has everything under control.  Here are a few ideas on how to cope during difficult situations:


1.  Find a quiet spot where you can be alone to talk with God.

I like to go outside in my back yard or on my front porch where I have no distractions.


2.  Read the word of God out loud and personalize the Bible.  Claim the promises God has given to His children.  When the promises in the word of God are speaking in general, like he/she, put your name in place of the personal pronouns. EX.  When it says , “My God shall supply all your ​needs...”, I interpret that to say, “My God shall supply all  Wanda’s needs...”

3.  Talk to the Lord, in other words, PRAY!  You must pray to the Lord!  I like to talk to Him out loud while I am in my quiet place.  I also like to

write my prayers  out on paper in my devotion notebook so when the Lord answers a prayer,  I can go back and document the date the prayer was answered.

4.  Listen to comforting gospel music that reassures you of the promises of God and SING.  Sometimes I also enjoy listening to music with no

     words.  It is very soothing and calming.

5.  Listen to preaching tapes, CD’s or the Bible on cassette and stay busy to keep your mind from being consumed with the stress. ​

6.  Do some extensive cleaning at home or volunteer to help out at the church. 

​7.  Encourage someone else who is hurting.  Go soul-winning!  Send a card or flowers to someone who is sick. 

8.  Do what the Holy Spirit asks you to do.

9.  Get more rest during these times, but don’t over do it.  Too much rest leads to depression.

10.  Spend MORE time with  God, as much time as you need to get yourself encouraged again.

11.  Pour your heart out to the Lord.  Don’t be afraid of weeping.  But, weep and go on.

12.  Beg the Lord for wisdom!

13.  Listen to His still, small voice when He speaks to you through His word.

14.  Remind yourself that everything is going to be okay.

15.  Be happy that it is the will of God that you suffer for righteousness than for evil doing.  I Peter 3:14  says “But and if ye suffer for righteousness sake, happy are ye…” and in I Peter 3:17 the Bible says, “For it is better, if the will of God be so, that ye suffer for well doing, than for evil doing.”​

16.  Make your alone times brief and spend this time talking with the Saviour, the only one who can do anything to change your situation and heal your heart.  Don’t seclude yourself and with-draw; you will only become depressed.​

17.  BE IN CHURCH AROUND GOD’S PEOPLE EVERY SERVICE AND ACTIVITY. Make going to church as much of a  priority as taking medication. I see so many people who stay out of church when times are difficult.  This is when you need the preaching, singing and fellowship more than any other time in your life. ​

18. Learn to laugh and be joyful.

19.  Exercise by taking a walk and breathe in some fresh air.  The best way to get a walk and fresh air is to go soul-winning.

20.  Leave your burden with the Lord, but when it becomes unbearable again repeat the above steps as many times as necessary until you are feeling good again.​

     As I was doing this article, I realized that most of these ideas are the steps I take in living a joyful Christian life.  If you’re having trouble coping with life, try these steps and I guarantee you will feel better.  The last thing you want to do or need to do is stay defeated.

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