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JAN 26 - JUNE 26 Five Months Since Surgery & 154 Days Seizure Free! "The Goodness Of God Co

Please forgive us, but we haven't been able to update the web since Heather has been home from the hospital. She has been home now for six weeks and is doing remarkably well. We have continued to receive emails/texts etc. from many of you who have been so patient with us regarding news about her progress. Thank you for your continued interest and prayers. Please keep them coming!!! For the first time today, Heather was able to see her newly, completed, handicap bathroom that several men from our church as well as others, have helped donate time and supplies to build for her. We could never thank everyone enough for helping us with this project? We've been working non-stop to get the house ready, and we are very close to being finished. Five months have now passed since Heather had her surgery to remove the left hemisphere of her brain on January 26th. Praise the Lord, she has not had an outward seizure in 154 days!!!!! Now that is incredible, since seizures were a part of her daily life which began 21 years ago, on July 15, 1994. It has been a very busy six weeks, and Heather is getting back into a "some-what, new-normal" routine. She has improved so much since she has been home. She is very determined to walk again, and is working very hard toward that goal. Since being home, she has had over 30 outpatient therapy sessions and several doctor appointments. The rest of her time, she has been doing her therapy at home with our family, or with her CNA, Mrs. Jill. Heather celebrated her 30th birthday a couple of weeks before her surgery. She had but one request for her birthday, and that was a red/black, Volkswagen, doodle bug of her very own. This request is still very much on her mind and heart, and any time we are riding in the van or shuttle van, she always spots the Volkswagens going down the road before anyone else does, and she always says, "See that bug, The Lord is going to give me one of those." Several weeks ago Heather told her dad that The Lord has answered one of two prayers for her, so far. Her first request was that her seizures would stop forever and her second prayer was to get her doodle bug, which she believes is coming soon. The first half of this year has brought with it many new challenges for Heather as well as for our family but it has been filled with multiple blessings. Our family has experienced most every emotion known to man, but through it all we can honestly say God's Been Good!

Psalm 52:1, ". . . the goodness of God endureth continually."

The picture above was taken after surgery on January 26, 2015

The picture above was taken June 26th, five months after brain surgery!

Working hard in therapy!

Heather was able to attend Camp June 15-19 with our Church!


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