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Friday Update at 10:20 pm CT

Since we were unable to post yesterday, we will update you on the past two days. We had our meeting with the therapists as well as the doctor on Wednesday, and everything went well. Due to insurance, there is a tentative date of discharge for Heather on March 12th. However, no one feels that she will be ready to leave at that time, but this facility's normal discharge date for most patients is 14 days from admission, which is standard, and the 12th will be Heather's 14th day. We are praying that insurance will approve her to be transferred to Siskin in Chattanooga, TN. Everyone here is going to do their best to help this take place.

Heather has gotten better rest the past two evenings, and therefore has been able to do very well in therapy! Yesterday in Physical Therapy they took her over to the Parallel Bars and helped her stand with the assistance of 2 people. Two different times Heather was able to stand for just a few seconds. Today, Heather was able to stand with the assistance of the stand machine (Standing Frame) for 15 whole minutes!!!! We are progressing a little more each day!! She also did very well in Occupational Therapy today as well as yesterday. Today in OT they had her leaning again on her weak side (right side) and with her left hand they had her organize some foam colored doughnut shaped objects. She is proving to everyone that she is determined to continue to get better! Also, today in OT they did what is called Electrical Muscle Stimulation, where they placed electrode pads on the muscles of Heather's right forearm and wrist to help stimulate her muscles. The stimulation helps to send a signal to the brain that there is still an arm on the right side and hopefully to help wake up the brain to say, "let's move this arm." Heather thought this treatment was pretty neat because every few seconds her hand would actually raise up with the electrical stimulation that caused the hand to pull forward towards her body. She kept saying, "look, see look its moving". They will try this treatment again next week on her upper arm also her legs.

In Recreational Therapy, she continues to work on her ceiling tile that will be displayed, which will say "God Makes No Mistakes" once finished. She has been more alert the past 2 days and the hypersensitivity seems to be decreasing each day! She still has some pain in general when she is touched on the right side, but it isn't as intense as it was after surgery. Again we thank you for your prayers. The Lord continues to supply Heather and our family with His strength that only He can give.

We are again so thankful of how The Lord is continuing to use Heather and her life story to speak to so many through stories that are shared personally and through this website. Just last night another person received Christ as Saviour, as the Gospel was presented and some of Heather's story was shared. Since Heather's surgery 40 days ago, January 26, thousands of people have come to this website, from over 1500 cities, in 61 different countries throughout the world. It is overwhelming to think that what we might have thought was bad over 20 years ago, when as a 9 year old child Heather became ill, God has meant it for her good, our good and for His Glory. It's been 42 days since her last seizure! Praise the Lord! He Makes NO Mistakes!

"Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the

LORD hath wrought this?" Job 12:9


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