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Friday Update at 10:00 pm CT

Well, today hasn't been one of our better days. Heather, didn’t rest well last night and had a low grade fever again, which affected her overall day at therapy. They tried several different times standing her again today with the assistance of the stand machine, but it was too painful to endure. She did however, perform well with some exercises with her arms and legs just sitting in her wheelchair.

She has been nauseous and sore all over. The doctor here at Rehab ordered a stomach X-ray of her abdomen, which was done just a few hours ago, still waiting on the results. Heather has to have shots in her abdomen for a medicine that she has been taking since her surgery, so she will not develop any blood clots. With almost 5 weeks of shots, you can imagine how black and blue and extremely sore she is.

On the brighter side, the hypersensitivity seems to be getting a little better each day. Praise the Lord!!! One of Heather's therapist was able to get her a motorized wheelchair that she can push with her left hand. This will help with independence, confidence and self-reliance! We are very excited about it! Plus, it's a lot more comfortable than the other wheelchair.

Cards, comments, emails, texts, calls, visits and ESPECIALLY THE PRAYERS have kept Heather encouraged and have kept her going!!! The Lord has been with her each step of the way, and she has learned to let Him guide the way. Although we’ve had some better days this week with therapy and feeling a little better, we will still thank the Lord for giving us another great day!!! TODAY MARKS 35 DAYS OF NO SEIZURES!!!!!!! Can't praise and thank the Lord enough!!!

"This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."

Psalm 118:24

The picture above was taken on Heather's 30th Birthday, Jan. 3, 2015!


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