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Wednesday Update at 5:00 pm CT

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued prayers for Heather! She, undoubtedly, has had the best day she has had since her surgery!!!!!

It is now 3:20 pm CT, and she has just finished all of her therapies and is back down for a nap. Whew! I'm tired, too! Rehab is comparable to working a full time job. Her day consisted of waking at 7:45 am, and she has been awake this whole time. She has been in her wheelchair since about 10:15 am which is about 5 hours! I don't know how she has done it! I am so grateful that she has had such a productive day. Her morning started with speech therapy. She was able to share with the therapist about her special 30th birthday party, and went into great detail about who came and what happened. It was very encouraging listening to her express all of the details of her party on her own. Then, on to therapy in the gym where she worked on her balance and playing ball. They also had her lean on her right side and count to ten in spanish, which she did very nicely. She came back to her room for a little bit and then back to the gym she went. They worked with her moving her wheelchair down the hall on her own, then back to the gym to be put into the standing machine. She was able to tolerate standing with the machine's assistance for 7 whole minutes! Wow, what a great day!!!!

They decreased the beta blocker from 4 times a day to 3 times a day. Pray with us that the heart rate stays steady and doesn't start going crazy again. They wanted to put her on an anti-depressant for the times where she has gotten upset, but her Dad and I felt like she was getting upset because she has been so tired and is having trouble communicating that to everyone. So, we asked them to hold off for now, pull down the beta blocker and see if we can get her more awake in doing so. We didn't want to put another medication on board until we see what will happen with the decrease of the other one. She was her usual cut-up self as you can probably tell in the pictures and "NO TEARS" today!!!!

We posted a picture of two homemade gifts that were sent to her that she absolutely loves! Thank you Mrs. Betti Johnson for the Bear, and Mrs. Lisa Grant for the wall hanging! She was able to talk for just a minute to her Pappy/Mott Mott, and also to her Grandmom today on the phone, and she was just as excited to hear their voices as they were hers. This has truly been one of the best days we have seen of her in the past thirty days. Thank you, Lord for loving us, and using us in some small way to help encourage others!!!

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13


Heather loves these homemade gifts that were sent to her.

The bear says "God Makes No Mistakes" and the sign is her favorite verse!


With the assistance of this machine Heather stood for 7 minutes today!!

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