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Sunday Update at 8:30 pm CT

Every day something new and exciting takes place. We have been so encouraged by the visitors who have driven anywhere from 3-4 hours to show their love and support, but we are just as encouraged by the emails and cards that have came in the mail. We are encouraged by the new people who we are continuing to meet who are giving care and are becoming a part of this Miracle story, and also encouraged by EVERYTHING, be it big or small, that has been done for our family!!!! Nothing has gone unnoticed and our hearts are grateful continually. I told a family member recently that the Lord has loved on us so much it makes my heart hurt! He has been right here beside all of us each step of the way, and you can certainly sense His presence. Dr. Khalil stopped by for a moment to see Heather, and he is not even a doctor of Stallworth, so he came over on his own time. There was a Physical therapist who was working with Heather at the time when the doctor came in. Dr. Khalil said to the therapist, “Thank you so much for working with Heather,” and while he was thanking the therapist, Heather showed off and moved that right leg for all of us in a greater way than she has so far. The smiles around here bring tears of joy to your eyes! I am so blessed to be right in the middle of God working on hearts and seeing them melt in awe of what He is doing. We are hearing stories from family members and friends who have their own stories of “their friends” (those whom we’ve never met, who have been impacted by Heather’s life, as well, and it continues to spread. Heather has received many cards from Churches and Sunday School Classes, and we appreciate the Pastors and teachers who have requested prayer and have encouraged others to carry all of us with their prayers. A card came from the Victory Baptist Church in Shelbyville, TN from a 5th and 6th grade Sunday School class and one of the classmates wrote, “Tell Schubert, I said Hey and I am praying for you.” The only way she could have know about Shubert was to have seen him on this website. We love hearing the stories of the young people who are talking freely in their classrooms at school in both Public and Christian Schools. Classroom discussions are taking place about the brain and hemispherectomies, etc. It really blesses our hearts how the children and teenage young people have been praying and continue to pray. They are really relating to a true life story, they are being educated about health issues, and they are watching how God is answering their prayers in the process!! As I am typing the update for tonight, Heather has Tachycardia, (Fast and irregular heart rate around 130-150 beats per minute), again with no reasonable cause. She wore a pulse oximeter, (a tool used to measure the oxygen level in the blood as well as heart rate) through the night last night and will wear one again tonight. Please be praying we can figure out the cause as soon as possible. This Rehab center is not an acute care facility and medical conditions can’t be managed here. This means she would have to go back to Vanderbilt Hospital. The nurse is giving some pain medicine in case it is pain related. There are no other symptoms, except rapid heart rate. The blood pressure and respiration is normal. The rapid heart rate began after the Vocal chord surgery last Wednesday, but at that time it was in the low 100’s. It has just continued to escalate through last night and today. They did an EKG (a test that checks for problems with electrical activity of the heart) and it was abnormal, but her heart rate is over 140, so that is to be expected. They have just given her some medication that is a beta blocker and if it hasn’t started bringing the heart rate down within the next hour or two, we will be going by ambulance back to the ER. Something I do not look forward to happening, but if it happens, once again, it is happening for a reason. Update 8:40 pm CT, Heather is now in an ambulance going back to the ER at Vanderbilt beacuse her heart rate is remaining in the 150's.