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Thursday Update at 7:30 pm

The past couple of days have been somewhat intense. The vocal chord paralysis was a surprise to most everyone, especially the fact that it was the left one. Bro. Cape strongly feels that it is related to her vagus nerve that has received almost constant stimulation over the past 16 years, and the doctors say there really isn't another good explanation. Though she did well with the surgery, we have noticed today that it set her back a little bit. She has been so strong this entire time, and hasn't even flinched at the needles or painful procedures that she has been through. However, today, she finally broke down for a little bit. Once she had a good cry and let go of all that emotion she has been processing, she is doing ok again. She had to go under general anesthesia again for the surgery on yesterday, and today we are noticing the problems she had been having with being sensitive to touch, in both legs, has returned. We just feel like things were aggravated again by all that she went through yesterday. We are letting her rest now, but we plan on getting her up in her chair soon and going out to the Atrium to visit with her Uncle Randy and Aunt Lanette and Cousin Grace, who drove up today from Powder Springs, GA. The plan is to move her to Rehab sometime tomorrow. Through much prayer, we have decided to do rehab here in Nashville. The facility is directly across from the Children's Hospital, which is next door to Vanderbilt. This decision is based completely on what we feel is the best situation for Heather, and the best facility to be qualified to advance her in therapy. Since we are already into the 18th day since her surgery, staying a little longer in Nashville will be somewhat of a challenge for our family because we live 2 1/2 hours away. One of us will be with Heather at all times, while we do the best we can to make sure things are cared for and running at home as well. At this point, we do not know yet, exactly how long or what to expect in regards to in-house therapy. We know this decision will sadden some of you because you are so anxious to visit with her, but, she will be back home real soon, giving out the bulletins at Church as soon as she is able. My husband, Pastor Cape, as well as our daughter, Hannah, and myself have all been right in the middle of the decisions that have been made since her surgery. In fact, our entire family has sort of operated as a team since Heather's illness began. When illness hits a family, the very best thing to do, is to pull close together, and make decisions together with the Lord's leading. We ask a lot of questions, and we do a lot of analyzing together to come up with a plan of what we would like to see accomplished the next day. Then, we talk with the doctors and get their medical advice. My husband has always investigated and sought out to see if there was any way to give Heather a better quality of life. None of us have ever been satisfied with Heather's illness, but especially her dad. Had he not continued to search for new treatments, etc., we would not be where we are today in hopes of giving Heather better quality of life. Even as hard as the surgery has been, with the few setbacks Heather has had, we as a family feel in our hearts that the Lord has led us to this point. It has been tough and she will face more tough challenges, but what she is facing now is nothing compared to what she has lived with for over 20 years. The storm that was raging inside her mind is at a calm right now, and she is going to get through this and have better quality of life than she has known in years!

2 Corinthians 12:9 - "And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."


Picture above was taken this afternoon with Uncle Randy, Aunt Lanette & Cousin Grace