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     Heather's life, testimony and songs have been a blessing to many that have either met her in person, heard about her through a friend/family member, or to those who may have read about her through this or in some other published material.  We hope that you will feel as if you know her personally, but also that you will see what the Lord has been doing with her life.

     If you know of someone who could be encouraged by visiting our site, please pass the word along.  If we can ever be of help to you in any way through answering any questions you may have or if you just need to share a prayer request, please do not hesitate to use our Contact Page.

     We are including many updates of Heather's most recent "Brain surgery (1/26/15)" as well as her recovery period. We have also included pages of medical information that could be of help to those who may know of someone who has seizures, etc.

     Heather believes firmly that God Has Never Made a Mistake in her life and we believe that as well, so we are just going to keep on trusting Him! May The Lord bless you with His sufficient supply of His Grace!

- Pastor and Mrs. Steve Cape, Hixson, TN​


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Please continue to pray for Heather...

...If you have been following our posts on Facebook, then you are aware that Heather had brain surgery to remove the remaining diseased tissue of Rasmussen's Encephalitis which was causing seizures in her left hemisphere on December 29, 2021. During surgery, there were 3 connections to the right side of the brain allowing for her to continue having seizures. The surgery was a success in the fact that all of the disease and connections have been removed. There is nothing left of her left hemisphere. She had several post-op seizures a few days after surgery, but these seizures were not her normal seizures that we saw daily, and the doctors felt they were caused by the surgery, and possibly from the low levels of her seizure medications. She has not had another episode for 7 days, now. Praise the Lord!! We are back in our hometown of Chattanooga, TN at the Siskin Rehabilitation Hospital for therapy. She is still overcoming many obstacles as she is healing. Please pray that the neurogenic fevers subside and that her heart rate balances back out, and that the dizziness from the surgery and medicines goes away. She is currently working hard with 3-4 hours of therapy daily! We could never thank you enough for your prayers and concern for her!

God is good all the time no matter what we

all face! We thank Him so much for performing

yet another miracle in the life of Heather Cape!

Steve and Wanda Cape (Heather’s Parents)

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living with half a brain...

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Released January 2019

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