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Saturday Update at 8:26 pm CT

Yesterday and today have been great days. Heather was able to go to the kitchen area and bake some cookies yesterday. She really enjoyed that experience, and do you want to guess what kind she made?? Yes, you got it; Peanut butter, and were they ever yummy! Also they tried her on a new machine where they put electrodes on her right leg, strapped her feet in and she received an electrical stimulation while the bike moved her legs. She did very well with it. Today, she only had occupational therapy and they wrapped her right hand to the handle of a machine that turns like a bike would do for your legs. It really got that right arm moving, and Heather said that it felt good.

We received word that the insurance declined the transfer to Siskin, but don't be alarmed just yet. When working with insurance sometimes those who approve or decline treatment are only looking at a computer screen, and possibly overlook important information. As in this case, they denied the transfer because they read where her chart said that she could be discharged from Stallworth on the 19th. It was interpreted that she was only needing one more week of therapy, and they wouldn't do a transfer for one week. What the chart said is that she could be ready to transfer by the 19th. So, the doctor here will have a peer to peer conversation with the insurance medical examiner on Monday at 9:00 am. If this is declined, then we can appeal, but we are expecting to hear first thing Monday that it has been approved.

Dr. Neimat wanted to see Heather before she left town, so he came by last night. He said for us not to worry, that the insurance will approve it once they get all of the details of her condition. Chattanooga, here we come!!!!!

We prayed for the Churches we know that have soul winning ministries this morning and prayed that the Lord has used many of you to share with others how they can know for sure that they can go to Heaven. We got word this morning that the mom of one of our young ladies who rides our bus to Church passed away suddenly. Would you please say a prayer for Felicity and her family in Bakewell, TN during this very difficult time. We had lost contact with Felicity, and she hasn't been able to come to Church in months, but she called the Church about a week or so ago, and told us she had moved closer and was in Church this past Sunday. I can't help but think that the Lord put it in her heart to get back in touch with her Church family so we could help her through this awful experience. Praise the Lord for every Christian who reaches out to help others. Looking for a great Sunday! May the Lord bless you!

"Look not every man on his own things, but every man also

on the things of others." Philippians 2:4

The picture above as well as below are of Heather in Occupational Therapy

baking her favorite cookies, Peanut Butter!

The picture above was taken today while Heather exercised her arms in Therapy.


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