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Monday Update at 9:26 pm CT

In a day where social media has become the new norm for communication, I wanted to take a minute to thank each of you who have personally took the time to write a note or a card, and sent it in the mail to Heather. At last count, she had 90 cards on her wall here at Stallworth. She received 4 cards in the mail today, and she gets so excited when they bring her the mail!!!! She always says that was sweet of them; whoever it is that sent the card. God bless each of you for taking the time to buy the card, write the note, and the stamp, and then send it!!! Folks just don't send things in the mail any more these days, so thank you So much!!

If you have been following the updates, then you know that Heather has had some hurting in her abdomen. The recent urinalysis (sample of urine) showed bacteria, which means she has a UTI (Urinary tract infection). They have started her on an antibiotic for the UTI. She has been hurting over the past week with an upset stomach and nausea, and she hasn't been able to eat much of anything. Today she got sick while in therapy. When this happened, we asked them to page the doctor, and see if we could get an ultra sound of the abdomen. Since she has problems describing her pain, we want to be sure that there isn't anything else they are not catching. Blood work was supposed to be done this morning, but somehow fell through the cracks, so we didn't want another day to get away from us. We are praying that her symptoms may all be related to the UTI, but we will feel better if we know that her liver, kidneys, gallbladder and appendix are all ok as well. It has taken all day, but we have once again gone back over to Vandi by ambulance for the test and will go back to Stallworth when it is over. It is 8:20 p.m. CT and I am in the radiology room with Heather, sitting on a stretcher typing while they are doing the test.

We had to wait a little bit here in Radiology, and it gave me the opportunity to witness to the EMT's who brought us over. One of them has had a series of problems in his life at the young age of 24, and he is still trying to figure out where he is headed in life. He said he guessed he was trying to find his own way. As kindly as I could, I explained to him that his way wouldn't work, we have to do it God's way. Please pray for him as I will give him a tract from our Church that gives a clear presentation of the Gospel once we return to Stallworth. I shared as much of Heather's story as I could, and told them both about the website. The seed has been planted. I hope he will listen to the Holy Spirit as He will continue to work on his heart. Your continual prayers are carrying us through. We could never thank you enough!!!!

"Notwithstanding ye have well done, that ye did

communicate with my affliction." Philippians 4:14


In ambulance on the way to Vandi for tests.


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