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Saturday Update at 7:00 pm CT

All has went well here at Stallworth today. Heather has been able to tolerate each of the therapy sessions that they had scheduled for her, which was a total of three hours, spread out into 30 minute segments each. She had a tough night. She couldn't get comfortable or get to sleep until about 2 am. and was only asleep until about 6 am. The heart rate is staying around the 105 - 110 area, but she has needed to wear her oxygen today because her oxygen level dropped into the 80's at times. It is going to continue to be a balancing act until the brain recognizes and controls what will be the new normal for her body.

She did so well today, even with being so tired. A lady from Indiana made a print for Heather that said, "You never know how STRONG you are until being STRONG is the only choice you have." I've always known that Heather was a strong lady, but I'm learning she is stronger than I even imagined. She makes my little problems seem of no importance at all. As Dr. Khalil mentioned it would be a tough month, and it has been tougher on her than anyone expected. I am grateful that he prepared us for that possibility, which helped prepare us for the setbacks that Heather has encountered along the way. In the past few weeks, when things were going wrong, I have constantly reminded myself of the words to a song..., "No need to doubt Him now, He'll make a way somehow, safely, this far, Jesus has brought me, no need to doubt Him now!" I'm praying that we are just about past all of the ups and downs of the surgery. It will be 4 weeks on Monday since her surgery, and prayerfully we are over the huge issues. No one anticipated what all would happen when the left hemisphere was removed/disconnected. As doctors are always optimistic, they were hoping for a 5-6 day hospital stay and then 1-2 month therapy program.

We are just now about to begin the hard stuff for Heather, and we appreciate the continued prayers for her. We believe if we can get her past the extreme tiredness, and if she has no further health issues arise that she will amaze everyone. The tiredness is making things 10x more difficult on her. She has a long way to go just to be baseline where she was before her surgery, and that was in a wheelchair constantly, but she could stand and transfer from chair to our van, etc. They have asked what kind of goals we have for Heather, and we always say, we want to see her walk again, and see her gain some use of her right arm! Praise the Lord He is Able. By the way, her doctor's name here at Stallworth is Dr. Able! Isn't that something? PRAISE THE LORD, NO SEIZURES IN 28 days!!!!!!

"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us," Ephesions 3:20

Today at Therapy


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