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Wednesday Update 8:15 pm CT

It has been a quiet day here at Vanderbilt. The drug level we were waiting on for the Depakote medicine came back within range, so it wasn’t the culprit in keeping the heart rate elevated. They changed the beta blocker medicine for the heart this morning to the one Heather was on right after her brain surgery. It is helping! Her heart rate is now around 115 beats a minute while sitting up eating, but the medicine is also lowering the blood pressure. They will be working to get that proper balance to alleviate symptoms. She still has not been able to get the swallow study because the workers have not been able to come in to work due to the icy conditions. She may go back to the Rehab facility tomorrow if she continues to do well through the night. She has been very tired today and a little bit nauseated. I was just rereading some of the encouraging emails that have been sent. It is exciting to hear how the Lord has been speaking to hearts through the past few weeks. I wanted to share some of what others have sent to Heather so your heart can be encouraged as well… Michelle from New Zealand wrote…”We are amazed at your faith, your strength and the trust you have in God. We pray that God will continue to help you touch others for Him, and we are also praying for your family that they will be strengthened….She also writes….I have continuing major health issues after thyroid cancer surgery and you have inspired me so much. I am not going to look back and wish it hadn’t happened any more, but will pray that God will help me reach others for him through my suffering. What a great God we serve!” Please pray for Michelle Pieters in New Zealand Another writes…"I met your family while touring for Commonwealth Baptist College in 2008-09, and Heather’s spirit made such an impression on me of God’s grace. I loved when you sometimes visited Clays Mill afterwards and I got to chat with her and hear her sing up at the camp. I recently found a ink to your blog on FB and was thrilled to learn that you all haven’t changed, you’re still staying faithful, and God’s grace is sufficient….-she has influenced more people for the glory of God than she’ll ever realize.” -Rachel Biber So many of you have brought us to tears with your kind words, and we appreciate each one of you for praying and for writing. The Lord has brought Heather this far and He isn’t plan on leaving her now. As He knows her better than anybody, and as He knows her body better than anyone, we feel He is just giving her more time to rest and regroup, but look out, she is on the rebound. If you want to be encouraged further, go to the tab that says Heather’s story and listen to Heather sing “God makes no mistakes” The day she recorded that song, she had to lie down on a sofa at the recording studio because she was having numerous seizures, and in between songs she would rest. Her voice is a little weak as well from her Vagus Nerve Stimulator that was going on and off, however she does a wonderful job of singing this song. You can also hear her sing on the Pray for Me Page, she sings, “I can Trust Him"… of which she learned and recorded about 3 months before her surgery. The Lord is so Good to us!!!!

Jeremiah 16:19, "  O LORD, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, . . . "


The picture above was taken yesterday with two of Heather's Nurses that have assisted her greatly!