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Sunday Update at 8:30 pm CT

Praise the Lord, we have moved over to the step down unit of ICU!!!! Heather has had a very good day visiting with family from out of town. She has been awake the entire day, and has been able to have two cups of pudding and one cup of blueberry yogurt! She is still having trouble swallowing clear liquids, and if she doesn't pass the next swallow test, she will have to have a PEG tube inserted into her abdomen so that she may get nourishment through it instead of through her nose. She cannot leave the hospital until a plan of care has been made determining her nourishment. Please keep praying that her swallowing will improve.

This morning, the doctor who performed both WADA tests for Heather, Dr. Froehler, was outside her room. I thought I recognized him so I poked my head out to speak with him. I told him that Heather was here and that she had her left hemisphere removed. He was excited and popped his head in to see her. He was very glad to speak to her and to hear her speak back to him. He said that what happened with Heather in that WADA paved the way for others who possibly may have the same problems arise. He said as well that her WADA tests gave them more knowledge as to what can be done for others who may face the same problems down the road. He stressed too, how thrilled he was that Dr. Khalil was so persistent about the WADA, and because of his persistence, they were able to successfully determine that Heather's speech had moved making it possible for her to be where she is today, getting the treatment she needed for her seizures. He thanked me for letting him know she was here, and that he was able to see her. Most doctors who perform tests for people don't get to see the full outcome of what happens with their patients down the road. They work so hard in their field to do what is necessary to try and help people with physical problems, but they don't always get to hear the success stories. It reminded me of the preachers across America who also work hard in helping folks with their spiritual lives, who no doubt don't always get to hear how they were a part in helping folks spiritually. We really appreciate those who are so dedicated at helping those who are sick physically in the Medical field as well as the men of God across our Country who are also very dedicated to helping those who are sick spiritually. Our Country needs more folks with passions such as these!

For the first time, Heather was placed in her Neuro-chair and rolled out to the Atrium, which is the waiting area of ICU, for a little while. She put on her Georgia Bulldog Cap and down the hall she went. Just getting out of her room was a huge blessing to her. Therapy came in to work with her again today of which we are grateful. We were told that the therapists on this floor only do evaluations and do not come each day to do therapy. However, they have been in Heather's room every day since they evaluated her. Hmmm, I wonder how that happened?

There are exciting things happening everyday, but it is small steps of progress. The therapists stood her up beside her bed by lifting and supporting her for just a minute or less. That in itself was very overwhelming. She really wept for a few minutes afterward. She has a very long way to go just to get back to where she was before surgery. Since the right arm is completely unusable, and since the right leg is beginning to move some, but is like a rubber band, it is going to take her some time to get her left side of her body stronger and the right side of her brain to pull all of the load . We can't tell you what your prayers, visits, cards, emails, etc. is doing to help encourage her. We are amazed at everyone's interest in continuing to follow her progress. You have taught us a lot! Thank you all for letting the Lord use you to show us His love.

"The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him." Lamentations 3:24



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