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Friday Night Update 7:15 pm


We haven't had an official report from the CT scan of today, but have been told that there is nothing showing any serious complications! Praise the Lord! As I was getting ready to post for tonight, Heather's sister, Hannah, was doing some range of motion movements with Heather in her arms and legs. We thought she was completely asleep when her sister asked her to push against her hand with her left arm and she was able to do so. She had great strength in doing so, and has also been able to push against Hannah's hand with her foot. We sang her a song and she followed each of us with her eyes. Her Dad stopped singing for a moment and she turned her eyes to look his direction and raised her eyebrows. If she had been able to speak at the time she would have said, "Come on Dad, sing." She did all these things very slowly, I might add, but nevertheless she did them. I am so encouraged to be able to share this with you tonight! She is getting there, her right side of her brain just needs a little bit more time organizing and getting ready to take over!

Tonight is the most she has been able to do in order to follow commands, and she has been awake with eyes wide open longer than a few seconds. The more alert she becomes, she will be able to come off of the ventilator. Dr. Neimat said it would be okay with him if she remained on it through the weekend. He remains very confident and assured that everything on the left hemisphere was successfully disconnected from her right hemisphere. We remain confident that she is going to go through this storm and come out REJOICING! Your prayers are working!!!!!

Many different people have been asking for the address of the hospital...

The address is as follows, but must be addressed as it is written below...

To: Patient Heather Cape, or it will not be delivered. Patient Heather Cape Vanderbilt University Hospital, Room 6621 1161 Medical Center Drive Nashville, TN 37232-0004 (Since she is still in ICU, NO flowers or latex

balloons are allowed, but Mylar balloons are permissible)


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