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Thursday Evening, at 8:20 pm CT

Missionary Heather Cape And Her Most Recent UPDATE Many years ago as a young child, Heather surrendered to The Lord's calling, to be a missionary. Last week, as we were going through some of her medical records etc., we found a few copies of a letterhead that someone made for her when she was 10 years of age. In 1995, I was the Pastor of the Trinity Baptist Church, in Rome, GA, where our good friend, Bro. Frank Terpenine has been faithfully serving for almost 15 years. At the top of the page of the letterhead it states, Trinity Baptist Junior Church, Missionary Correspondent, Heather Cape.


In the past 10 days, since last Monday, Jan. 19, Heather has been able to travel to all of our 50 states, including Washington DC; to 37 different countries; to 6 of the 7 continents; and to 1,073 different cities around the world, through this website. Though she has only been out of the country once, to Canada for a Senior/missions trip, this website has allowed her to share her testimony in this capacity. I personally do not know of any missionary who has been able to share their testimony in such a fashion. Throughout the last 20 years, she has suffered, but Praise The Lord, it has not been in vain! Many people have come to Christ and many other Christians have been encouraged to live their lives for Christ because of Heather's testimony. Our Saviour has been working out His plan for her life, all throughout these last 20 years. Here is the latest update from Missionary Correspondent, Heather Cape!

UPDATE: Today Heather has shown a little improvement of which we are very grateful! With the results of the chest xray, there are concerns that her right lung may not be assisting her with breathing, so we will remain on the ventilator for now. She has followed more commands today and has opened her eyes more, but within a few seconds she is back into a deep sleep. Her Neurologist, Dr. Khalil, came by and said he personally read the EEG report and feels assured that we can stop monitoring her with the EEG. He said that the seizures that were recorded were coming from the areas that they did not remove, and these areas were firing continuously prior to the surgery. These areas are completely disconnected from the right hemisphere now, so the seizures are not crossing over to her right side, and she is not feeling them. These episodes that were recorded would be considered subclinical, because they do not show any clinical signs or symptoms. She has been very peaceful while resting, and there have been no outward signs of seizure activity. We are praying for an even better day tomorrow! The right side of her brain needs this extra rest and time to make new pathways in order to take over whatever the left side of the brain was still controlling. She is going to be okay.

"...and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth." Acts 1:8b