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Heather has shown some progress throughout the night! Her EEG report for last night only showed about 4 episodes for the entire night as opposed to the 7-8 per hour on yesterday. The low drug level of her Depakote was probably a contributor to these episodes. This morning, we have been able to get the Depakote up to a level that is theraputic for helping to control seizures! Her breathing has improved and she is doing all of the breathing but at the lowest setting. The plan is that she may possibly come off of the ventilator tomorrow!!!!!

She will be going down for an MRI sometime this morning. They will continue to monitor the seizure activity with the EEG while she is in the ICU. Though she has shown great improvement, Heather is still very sick, and could still face some setbacks. Thank you again for pulling for her as you would your own family! Keep the encouraging words, the verses, the emails and comments online coming as they are a blessing to our hearts and will be an encouragement to hers once we are able to share them with her!!!! We are amazed at the many folks who have traveled 2, 3 and some even 4 hours to visit her in the hospital! May the Lord Bless you all!


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