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Gospel Tract

The Steve Cape Family

Hillside Baptist Church

6311 Dayton Blvd.

Hixson, TN 37343



     These tracts have been used to help lead others to Christ.  We are finding that people  are very receptive to take Heather's story, where they wouldn't be open to the Gospel otherwise.  They are a great tool to be used to get the Gospel to those in the medical field since her story cannot be explained by medicine.


     We have given them out to a lot of folks, and some have immediately told us of someone they love who has seizures, or an illness.  While boarding a plane for Heather's first airflight in March, 2016, we handed the  pilot a tract.  He gladly received it, immediately went to the cockpit before departure, and pulled up the website. After the flight, he told us he, too, had recently had brain surgery 8 weeks prior and that Heather's story was such an encouragement to him.


     As the Lord provides, we will supply anyone with tracts who are willing to get them in the hands of those who need them.  They can also be left at hospitals or at doctors' offices, too.  The Plan of Salvation on the back is very easily read and simple to understand.  If you would like to order some tracts, please email us your name, address with city, state and zipcode and the number of tracts you would desire up to 100.  If you have any stories you wish to share in regards to using these tracts to see someone saved, please email us the story, and we will post it on the website. 

To order tracts please email us!

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