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God's Grace Sufficiently Supplied

   “Mom, why is the room spinning?” she asked.    Her eyes were jerking from side to side and her head was turning to the left.  Up until this point, I had only witnessed seeing one person have a seizure in my lifetime.  I was overcome with fear! Jenah had just broken her leg, and I didn't know what was happening with Heather.  I screamed for


    Two months later... My husband found Heather lying in her bed in grand-mal epileptic status.  Grand-mal epileptic status is when the body is having one grand-mal seizure after another with no break in between.  After that first seizure, I didn't even consider that Heather would ever have another one, much less thousands of them over an 18 year period.  We call the ambulance. The paramedics arrive and Heather is still seizing.  Twenty  minutes later; she is still seizing.  The seizures won't stop!  We follow in our car as the ambulance rushes her to the hospital.  One side of her little body seizes and the other is relaxed, and then the relaxed side starts seizing while the other side relaxes and on and on and on...  Again, we are overcome with extreme emotion and fear!  This seizure activity can't be stopped and lasts for six hours or more.  The results are devastating.  These seizures have caused lack of oxygen to the brain and permanent brain damage.  Our Heather will never be the same again.   I whisper to the Lord, "I can't do this."  It was as if the Lord said, "Yes, you can, My grace is sufficient."  I said, "Why does it have to be this way?"  He says, "Just trust Me.  I won't place more on you than you can bear." 


     In 1996, Heather's seizure disorder had advanced to the point that she was having over 200 seizures a day.  A twelve hour brain surgery was needed to remove sections of the left side of the brain to stop the cycle.  My first reaction was, "Lord, this hurts!  How are we going to do this? We want to be used by You, but do we have to hurt so badly? Does Heather have to suffer so much?"  It was during this six month hospital stay that our family was able to see several people come to know the Lord as their Saviour.  Heather was able to lead her nurse, Robin, to the Lord even through all of the seizure activity.  The surgery was successful, however a few months later Heather's seizures gradually came back...


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