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Saturday Update at 7:10 pm

We cannot thank the Lord enough for how He has worked in Heather's life!!! She really is getting better and stronger each day. We were thrilled that all of you were so excited to see her new video. She is getting closer to letting that true "joyful" personality shine through, and we are very grateful!!! When we were discussing removing Heather's left Hemisphere to stop her seizures, we had great concerns. We told the doctors that we couldn't do the surgery to take the seizures if it meant that we would be taking "Heather and who she is as well." I am once again astonished at the wisdom that the Lord has instilled in man to be able to come this far in medicine to bring us to this point. Since Heather suffered a stroke in surgery, we are on the stroke side of the hospital. We have seen so many here who have been greatly affected by a stroke even more so than Heather. Some cases are very heart breaking. Some can't speak and have so far to go to recover, and others may never recover. WE ARE SO BLESSED!

Heather has had a lot of the same nurses who gave her care in 2013. Today, I was sharing what has been happening the past two years with one of them. She was in amazement of what the Lord has done, and was rejoicing with me!!!! So many here at Siskin remember the difficult days that Heather went through when she had her hip replaced. She was very sick then because her hip became infected, and her seizures locked in to 14 days of unstoppable seizures around the clock. When the outward seizures calmed down, it was still not uncommon for her to have ten or more seizures during one of her Physical therapy sessions. I remember how it bothered the therapists to watch her go through it! One of them, whom she called "Bro Boy", always makes it a point to stop and speak with Heather and us any time he can! He just can't believe she has had surgery and that the seizures are gone. Praise the LORD!!! The seizures are gone!!!!! Though there are still tough days ahead in therapy, we are praising the Lord that Heather isn't having to battle with those horrible seizures like she had battled for 20 years! Also, we have our "Heather", with her quick wit and contagious spirit!!! We honestly have no complaints! We are still in shock, and even disbelief almost that Heather is freed from the awful disease that was controlling her life!

Therapy is going well! She has built up a trust with all of her therapists and is really working hard for them. They have been working to strengthen all of her muscles including her upper body. Her voice, as you saw in the video, is getting stronger, too, and we are praying that the paralyzed vocal chord is beginning to wake up and do the job it is supposed to do. Her swallowing is much better as well, but she has to take small bites and tuck her chin down before swallowing water so that she doesn't get choked or cough. She is resting much better at night. Her seizure medicines have to stay on board for a very long time, so we are still battling sedation and mood changes with those, but we are learning how to work through them. She is still taking the beta blocker for her heart that stays in the low 100's, but we have decreased the dosage, and she has continued to maintain a lower heart rate. If we can continue to wean her from this medicine, it should help with her tiredness. She had PT this morning, and she seemed very medicated, but she did the session and worked through the tiredness. Yesterday, she was able to pick up her left foot while standing. They were supporting her right leg, and she shifted all of the pressure and put all of her weight on the right and picked the left foot up for the first time!!!! Also, on Monday, she sees her neurologist, Dr. Rankine, for the first time since her surgery. There is a tower that connects the two hospitals, so we will take her over in her power chair! He has been a great doctor, and she is excited that she will be seeing him!!! A lot of "first times" are ahead for Heather, and we are excited! She has already conquered so much, and to God be the Glory, Great things He hath done!!!! Until next time, have a Great Lord's day tomorrow!!!!





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