270 Days without Seizures...All The Glory Belongs To Jesus!

​ It has now been close to three months since we last posted an update about Heather on this website. We have not intentionally neglected to keep others posted about Heather's health and improved success, however, after what seemed to be a loss of time for the first six months of this year, we have sought to care for things that had been neglected. We Praise The Lord that as of today, October 20, Heather has not had an outward seizure in 270 days! She rejoices every day as time goes on and verbally expresses how Good and Great her God is. She will often become overwhelmed emotionally when she realizes this enormous miracle that The Lord has given her. Rightly so, after having continuous seizure activity for well over 20 years, and suddenly, they just cease to exist. Heather continues to go to therapy several times a week and improves with each session. The right side of her body continues to get stronger, which has allowed her walking to improve with the assist of a specialized walker. Along with this post, we are including a video shot of a special day recently held at our Church, to honor Medical Personnel. Heather walked into the auditorium with the assistance of one of her main physical therapists, David, on this special day. There was hardly a dry eye in the auditorium as she also sang, "God Makes No Mistakes!" There are still many challenges that Heather is faced with each day, but she continues to get healthier as time marches on, and God's grace is always sufficient! Over the last few months we have successfully been able to remove half of all the seizure medicines Heather was on prior to the surgery. This within itself is a real miracle after being on one of the medicines for almost 20 years. Jill Harrell has been Heather's CNA for two years and works extensively with her at home when Heather does not have a scheduled outpatient therapy session. Mrs. Jill has become a dear friend to Heather, a special help to our family, and also a faithful member of our Church. Please continue to pray for Heather as well as our family, as we seek to share Heather's Story for God's Glory, anywhere we can. Recently, her story was shared at the Stroke Support Group at Siskin Hospital, and we believe the folks present were encouraged and challenged by meeting her. We have been encouraged by so many to put her story in a book which we have begun writing, and we hope to have it completed soon. Your prayers are still coveted as we seek the Lord's direction in using Heather's story for God's glory.

Romans 11:36 - "For of Him, and through Him, and to Him,

are all things: to Whom be glory for ever. Amen.​​"​

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